Our Story

Raghid Sandouk

Our Middle Eastern customers included

  • Nestlé Syria
  • American University of Beirut
  • Al- Zaytoonah University in Jordan
  • Milkman and Iceman in Syria
  • Chekka, the largest sugar refinery in Lebanon
  • Al Dirani, a large chutney and preserves producer in Lebanon
  • Bukain, the largest bottled water company in Syria

Best Lab Solutions is a UK company with a long standing history of success stories where we have supplied a vast range of laboratory equipment as well as high level technical support to both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Here Business Owner Raghid Sandouk tells the story of Best Lab Solutions:

Prior to setting up in the UK I established a successful 20 year business in Syria, my homeland – employing over 20 staff and supplying full laboratory solutions for universities, pharmaceutical and food industries.

We represented very well respected European manufacturers such as Bruker Optics, Cecil Instruments, Systech and employed specialist personnel to undertake installation, training and high quality after sales service.

My knowledge over the decades in the food industry has positioned me to be highly respected and my advice is often sought when it comes to food safety and quality control.

Now living in the UK after the circumstances in my country became too dangerous I have set up Best Lab Solutions.

Life experience has taught me that the greatest assets I have with Best Lab Solutions are the decades of knowledge I’ve built up in this industry, the network of partnerships I have invested in over the years and the trust I have gained from others. I want to share this in a way that will allow other businesses to benefit and flourish too.

So now I focus on helping the food industry both in the UK and overseas with food safety and testing. This is in the form of any technical support and advice food manufacturers of any size may require and supplying equipment that will make my customers’ lives easier and tailored to their budgets.

As a business we are not interested in transactional ways of working. Instead we strive to develop honest, long term partnerships and to support our customers with all required technical support as they grow their businesses.

We do not sell online because it is important for us to understand our customers’ specific needs. In doing so we can then give the most suitable advice and propose solutions best tailored to them.

One of our biggest UK success stories to date has been in conjunction with Yorkshire Dama Cheese. As Best Lab Solutions we supplied and adapted all the machinery and equipment to allow the founder to start producing halloumi style cheese. BLS is very proud to be the technical back up for Yorkshire Dama Cheese in almost all aspects – the machines, the training, the HACCP and sourcing appropriate equipment.

We want to be the chosen dependable technical partner of food producers and to continuously support them on their journeys towards optimum food quality, safety and ultimate success.

So if you are a food manufacturer and you think we can assist you with your technical needs then please contact us today. We would be delighted to help.

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