HACCP measuring equipment for
the food industry

Best Lab Solutions work closely with global food and soft drink producers of all sizes to support them during their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan, which is a legal requirement for all food business producers to be able to operate commercially in the UK and the rest of the world.

HACCP must be implemented to ensure food safety and hygiene standards are adequately adhered to.  In supporting clients to become HACCP compliant one of the ways Best Lab Solutions is unique is in its knowledge and accessibility to HACCP approved measuring equipment. This means that as well as giving advice Best Lab Solutions can also source, install and train you and your employees on HACCP equipment that is right for your specific manufacturing needs.

A cost effective HACCP solution

This is also highly cost effective, time saving and gives you credible results demonstrating you are compliant and safe in your food production.  Furthermore with much more limited scope for human error this is also very reassuring for you and the Environmental Health Inspector!

Here you can find further details about some of the measuring equipment that is often required by food producers.

HACCP Thermometer

HACCP Thermometer

In many food applications, measuring the temperature is critical to ensure that food preparation, handling and storage is kept within the required parameters.

For  some industries such as cheese, jam and meat measuring and monitoring the temperature during production is an important way to ensure any pathogens or germs are eradicated and that the finished produce is within the safe limits for consumption.

Within the HACCP plan you also need to have a system to periodically check your storage temperature and the use of a thermometer is an ideal way to check that you are operating within the accepted temperature range for your specific products.

Particularly useful for the dairy, meat and preserves producers.

HACCP Thermometer

HACCP PH meter

For some food industries measuring the pH levels during manufacturing is essential for your food safety as well as ensuring a high quality to what you are making.

Monitoring the appropriate pH range via the use of an instrument during production is paramount for many of the physical and chemical reactions to take place in food stuff such as cheeses, yoghurts and preserves. This is also important to ensure a consistent texture and taste.

From a food safety perspective incorrect pH levels could lead to growth of harmful bacteria and therefore must be measured at various points during the production process.

Within dairy related production the pH levels of milk can also be measured. This gives an indication of the freshness of the milk you are buying and if it is of suitable quality and value that you require for your manufacturing needs.

HACCP refractometer

HACCP refractometer

A refractometer is required for all producers who use sugar in their production or have naturally occurring sugars in their food stuff.  It is the easiest way to measure the sugar content in your food product whether that is juices, soft beverages, honeys, jams, sauces, soups, ice-cream and much more.

The use of a refractometer is also useful to avoid adding excessive amounts of sugar and to allow you to measure much more accurately the levels of sugar in your production, which can often lead to cost savings and a much more consistent product taste.

The level of sugar in food and drink is a growing global health concern and the ability to test and adapt your sugar content has never been more important. The use of a refractometer will allow you to do this and to reassure your customers that they are consuming a product within deemed safe sugar limits.

HACCP moisture analyser

HACCP moisture analyser

This is a weighing device which determines the relative level of moisture inside your food sample. It is very important to measure the water content of your product as this will help to calculate its suitable shelf life. This is also a HACCP requirement.

Salt measuring device

Salt and sugar measuring device

Both salt and sugar levels must be monitored during food manufacturing to ensure product consistency and general safety.

We can help you measure the level of salt and sugar in most food stuff.

This instrument specifically measures salt and sugar levels in liquids such as sauces and soups as well as the brine used in tinned products.

HACCP conductivity meter

HACCP conductivity meter

If your food production requires you to add water then a conductivity meter will indicate to you the quality and purity of this water.

This is important as it will affect the overall quality, stability and taste of your products.

All soft drink manufacturers will be required to measure the water quality that is being used during their production and a conductivity meter is the perfect way to do so.

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